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The purpose of this program is for cheating at utopia, im sure it has some other intended use. but this is what it does best. it lets anyone who has your ip, and whatever user and password you make up log into your account from your ip, so swirve cant find out and delete you for cross logging. it doesnt take too long to setup either so keep reading.

setting up ccproxy

you need a broadband connection to use this, with a static ip, cable modems, dsl, etc.

if you use a router click here, pick your router, and open port 808

download ccproxy

ok install it, and click options, everything there should be checked except for dns, web cached, and NT service.

like this

click ok, then click accounts and set permit category to permit only, and auth type to user/password

like this

ok now click new, and next to user type wanted, and pick a password. the default settings should be fine.

make sure it looks like this, click save, and ok.

click ok, ccproxy is setup. congrats, go to and theres your ip, if you need someone to use your account while your gone they need your ip, your user/pass for ccproxy and your user/pass for the great war (change your other passwords obviously if your username is the same for the other servers, although we should trust each other).

if you use windows xp though, you probably have a firewall setup, so follow these directions to open some ports. or just disable it.

click start, click control panel, switch to classic view if you havent already, double click network connections, and right click local area network, click properties. click the advanced tab, and click settings at the bottom.

like this

under the services tab click add


in description of service write proxyport, put your ip in the next space, and put 808 in the next 2 spaces

like this

click add again, and call the service proxyport2, same ip obviously but port 1080, save it, and make another proxyport3, with port 2121. and your finished, that wasnt so hard.